Monday, March 14, 2016

Understanding My Dental Implant Options

There are a number of benefits associated with dental implants. From convenience to durability, this restorative treatment option offers health, aesthetic, and financial advantages unparalleled by traditional teeth replacement options. In particular, the versatility and adaptability of dental implants allows for integration into a number of other treatments, opening the door for patients with extensive restorative needs to receive high-quality treatment.

Understanding your needs and which treatment option will best fulfill your health and functional goals is an important component when it comes to choosing between different implant restoration options. Consider the following:

For patients with one missing tooth:
Single crown dental implants are ideal for replacing a single tooth that is missing or has been extracted as a result of trauma, decay, or damage. Unlike bridges, which require that adjacent teeth be shaved down to accommodate the restoration, single unit implants support themselves, thereby preserving the structural integrity of neighboring teeth.

For patients missing several consecutive teeth:
In these instances, an implant-supported bridge may be recommended in order to sufficiently replace missing teeth. Depending on the number of missing teeth and the length of the bridge, this treatment option can use anywhere between two to four implants to support the prosthetic and stimulate underlying jawbone. Not only does stimulation help to prevent additional tooth loss, but also strengthens the jaw, preventing bone deterioration and preserving facial structure.

For patient missing entire arches of teeth:
In cases of extensive tooth loss, patients have several teeth replacement options. Traditionally, dentures are used to provide a functional restoration. Over the course of time however, this restorative option can lead to further damage by failing to protect jaw bone density, leading to bone resorption, the appearance of premature aging, and limited oral function.

In contrast, dental implants can be used to support dentures, providing patients with the convenience of a removable denture coupled with the stability offered by dental implants. For patients with limited bone density, mini implants can also be used to anchor dentures in an affordable, health-conscious manner.

Dental Implant Restorations in San Jose

At Willow Glen Dentistry, our mission is to help patients find the right solution for missing teeth. By partnering with local oral surgeons and periodontists, our San Jose dentist Dr. John Pisacane is able to provide patients with long-term restorations that improve all parts of their smile. For more information about dental implant restoration in San Jose, contact Willow Glen Dentistry today. 

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