Monday, January 25, 2016

The Versatility of CEREC®

In recent years, CEREC® technology has become synonymous with same-day crowns. However, few realize the diversity of treatment options provided by this innovative technology. Thanks to the versatility of the digital imaging and manufacturing software, CEREC® has made it possible for patients requiring extensive dental treatment to receive conservative yet highly effective restorative solutions. Some of these treatments include:

Partial crowns: In some cases, partial crowns are a more efficient method of restoring function and aesthetics to a tooth without requiring additional tooth preparation. As CEREC® uses digital imaging to create 3D models of the dentition, patients receive partial crowns that fit perfectly into the tooth, requiring minimal tooth preparation.

Bridge: Some patients may require more comprehensive restorations in order to replace one or several missing teeth. By using CEREC® to create customized bridges, patients receive restorations that blend in seamlessly with the rest of their smile.  As CEREC® does not require extensive tooth preparation, this treatment option does not compromise the health of the adjacent supporting teeth.

Dental Implant Restorations: Implants are one of the most durable and permanent restoration options a patient can choose. CEREC® can be used to create implant-compatible restorations, including crowns and bridges. In the event the prosthetic tooth cracks or becomes damaged, the impressions are saved digitally, ensuring convenient and simple restoration without the need for new impressions to be taken.

Veneers: For patients looking to improve the look of their smile, veneers offer a comprehensive method of improving dental uniformity. With CEREC® technology, the veneers are created to match the shape and shade of the rest of the smile, ensuring consistency and enhancing the natural beauty of the smile. As CEREC® veneers are made of highly durable porcelain, the teeth are effectively reinforced, allowing patients to enjoy enhanced dental function.

In addition to restoration creation, CEREC® can also be used in a non-restorative capacity. For example, thanks to software updates, digital impressions for Invisalign® aligners can now be taken using the intraoral scanner. Not only does this make orthodontic treatment planning a simpler process, but it also ensures that changes to treatment plans can be made before unnecessary aligners are manufactured.

CEREC® in San Jose

At Willow Glen Dentistry, restorations with CEREC®technology is just one way that Dr. John Pisacane helps his patients achieve their ideal smiles and improve their long-term oral health. A pioneer of integrating advanced technology into routine dental procedures, Dr. Pisacane was one of the first dentists in the San Francisco Bay area to utilize this innovative technology. For more information about the diverse uses of CEREC®, contact our San Jose dentist today. 

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